Swims Accomplished in 2012

* Lake Tahoe Ice Swim
January 15th
1 mile in a water temperature of 40.1 º F

The Wild Farallones

The conditions were so rough that we didn’t even make it all the way out to the Farallones. I never put my suit on or had the chance to get in the water. The emotions are just starting to set in right now. I am going to sleep it off and go back to the drawing board. Thank you for all of the positive energy coming my way. This swim still need to be conquered!

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4 Responses to “The Wild Farallones”

  • Paul Z:

    DOH! Hang tough, sister; we’re still behind you!

    ~Team Z

  • Our master swim group was talking about you this am. We were so jazzed for your swim. Please let us know if you will be trying in the coming days or if this type of reset takes months. We are just wondering how that goes.
    We are in awe!
    (Pacific Swim – Lucas Valley)

  • Megan Jitloff:

    Thinking good CALM thoughts for you today Karen. Let us all know when the next attempt will be.

  • Joe Z:

    Your AZ fan club will be eagerly awaiting info on the next attempt. Keep up the good fight!

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