Swims Accomplished in 2012

* Lake Tahoe Ice Swim
January 15th
1 mile in a water temperature of 40.1 º F

Tahoe Ice Swim 2012

Some might call us crazy or a freak of nature but we call ourselves ice swimmers. An official ice swim follows the rules of the International Ice Swimming Association .On Sunday, January 15th, my cold water swim partner, Cathy Delneo and myself, conquered a goal that we had set out for ourselves in the fall of 2011, 1 mile in a water temperature of sub-41º F. It was one of the hardest swims I have ever accomplished. During a traditional marathon swim there are times when you are physically challenged and there are times when you are mentally challenged, sometimes those two challenges coincide with each other. In ice swimming the mental and physical challenges hit you head on and continue throughout the entire swim and warm up process. From the moment you hit the water until at least an hour after the swim your body is functioning at full capacity. On long swims there is so much time to be in your head and think about your journey and the meaning of why you are doing what you are doing. During an ice swim there is no time to ponder such subjects, it is extreme, you ask a lot of your body and I think we are two tough women. I am very proud of our accomplishment. Check us out!

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  • Hey there…I found out about your swim through a buddy, here in Utah, who has a group called Utah Open Water (http://www.facebook.com/utahopenwater).

    I’m curious: How did you guys feel after getting out of the water? What was it like in the water? How long did it take until you felt like yourselves after the swim?

    Congratulations! Pretty darm amazing. Well done!

  • Karen Rogers:

    Hi. Thanks for the thumbs up. It is a strange feeling you have when you get out of the water. When the EMT’s were drying me off with the towel, it felt like they were using sandpaper. It takes us about 45 minutes to stop shivering and start to properly warm. At 10pm that night my body temperature was still 96.9º and I was back to 98.6º the following morning. While in the water there isn’t much time to think about the feel of the water. I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t admit to questioning my insanity while doing it. It was an incredible experience. I feel like I can handle much colder water for longer periods. We are working on a plan to work towards that goal. Dream it, Swim it! -Karen

  • Evan M:

    A truly impressive feat of swimming. Well done, Karen and Cathy! You dreamt it, and you swam it. Thanks for making the video for those who might follow in your footsteps. The safety precautions you took are especially important.

  • Karen Rogers:

    Thank you. We learned a lot organizing this swim and doing it. We have updated our safety plan based on what we learned and are willing to share the information. I am definitely looking forward to doing another ice swim soon. -Karen

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